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Go to the above letter links to find a specific club ... or just feel free to browse! Clubs are indexed in the traditional A-Z fashion. Note that clubs bearing the prefix 'AFC' are listed under 'A' (or 'F' in the case of 'FC'). If there is no link to particular letter it simply means that there are no clubs currently listed.

For the benefit of groundhoppers, who may be interested in visiting a few grounds within a particular geographical area I have included the county in brackets after the club name.

As you visit the club pages you will see that I have avoided the temptation to include sponsors’ names when listing Leagues. This is partly reactionary - after all, the Isthmian League for example, has all but lost its identity in the wake of numerous sponsors prefacing it with their own brand ... hence, the Vauxhall-Opal League, Diadora League, Icis League, and of course the Ryman League to name just four. A more pragmatic reason however is that whilst sponsors come and go, (usually) the Leagues remain, although for quite how long is an interesting question.

I have purposefully not listed which Division a club plays in. This is purely for pragmatic reasons and to avoid the need for too much updating every close season. I will of course, make any adjustments to the League brought about by restructuring and promotion.

Directions to the grounds are not included. Apart from the obvious problem that visitors approach a ground from all sorts of different directions, increasingly people are using 'Sat Nav' to locate grounds (although I am not one of them ... yet) and therefore wherever possible I have tried to include an accurate postcode. I am well aware that many 'hoppers' travel to grounds via public transport but it would simply be too time-consuming to include public transport links and I am sure (as previously) hoppers will telephone or email the club they wish to visit beforehand. Also, many clubs these days have websites containing a directions of how to find them ... at least the ones that want people to actually visit them do!

Inevitably, things will have changed at the grounds listed since I last visited so please note the year when an individual photograph was taken. Although I will always endeavour to add more recent photographs I will retain the older ones to illustrate how a ground may have changed.

For information about how to submit photographs to this website , please see the Contact page.

Although I have endeavoured to maintain accuracy, I am ashamed to admit there may even be the odd mistake and/or typographical error that has crept in. Please email me if for any reason, the information is not up-to-date.

Equally, if any club has a website or nickname that it not listed, drop me a line and I will include it on their page.


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