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All text and images on this website are the copyright of David Bauckham, except where indicated by the photographer's name added to the image in the form of a watermark.

Any unauthorised reproduction of this material, and/or that which fails to comply with the guidelines below will be in breach of that copyright. This website has taken a lot of time and effort to put together, entirely at my own expense. Please respect this, and the fact that the website is non-profit making.

Use of text
Editors of matchday programmes and non-profit making club websites are more than welcome to make use of the club histories and ground descriptions, as long as the source of this information is appropriately credited and the website URL cited. I would appreciate a copy of the programme (see address below) and/or a link back to and

Use of images on non-profit making club websites & matchday programmes
All images on this website are at a resolution of 72 dpi and are 'watermarked''. I have chosen not to disable 'right-clicking' as I know that anyone who is determined enough can get around this easily enough. Editors of club and non-profit making websites are free to use 1-2 images directly from this site, including the watermark but must include an acknowledgement and link back to the page on the 'Non League Football Grounds' website from where the image was obtained. If this is not suitable for any reason please email me.

For use of images in club programmes please email me and I will send you a high resolution, non-watermarked version at 300 dpi, suitable for print reproduction. This will produce a far better quality image than a 'borrowed' 72 dpi copy from the website. No reasonable request will be refused. All I require in return is a copy of the programme, and an appropriate acknowledgement as above.

Use of images in profit making publications including 'The Non League Paper' and 'Non League Today'
Please contact me for terms of reproduction.

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